I'M BACK (and you probably didn't know I left)


What a wild ride it’s been lately...


First of all - I know a lot of you are BRAND NEW to myself and my music, so - WELCOME. I’m so glad that you guys found me and I hope that you like what you find if you stick around. I have an absolutely PHENOMENAL group of supporters who I’m proud to call my family and I’m honoured that you’d like to join us. If you hang out long enough, you’ll find that I DON’T HAVE FANS - I have friends. And we're all glad to have you on the team.

DAMN, where do I start? The success of “Dear Rappers”, “Castles” and “Helluvit” is definitely lingering around in the back of my mind while I plan out the next release. Thank you for “liking”, commenting, sharing and messaging me with your thoughts in regards to those videos. I SPEND HOURS going through ALL of your COMMENTS and REPLYING to ALL of your messages. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to catch up with them, but, Im doing my best. Keep ‘em coming!

You guys may recall that I posted about an “emergency” on the Fan Page a few days ago. You might be wondering what that was all about, too. You all know that I’m Canadian, right? Well, as amazing as being a Canadian citizen living in Los Angeles is - it comes with it’s fair share of difficulties. One of the headaches is MAINTAINING A LEGAL RESIDENCY IN AMERICA. Knowing that my Artist Visa expires at the end of 2018, I sent an email to my manager asking him to contact my lawyer and begin the renewal process. Sending that email made me start thinking about ALL things immigration - including my passport.

I was in my living room in LA at the time. I stood up from my couch and walked over to my desk where I keep my passport. I pulled it out of the drawer and cracked it open. You can imagine how horrified I was when I read that my passport expired in 2 DAYS. Even more unfortunate - it expired 1 DAY before the BIGGEST video shoot that I’ve ever done. I called my lawyer immediately. After a couple hours on the phone with the Canadian Consulate  and my legal team, it was clear what I had to do - leave America.

In the busiest, most crucial, most promising moments of my career - I had to cancel a video shoot, press pause on my relentless grind and head home to Canada. It was heartbreaking. It’s really scary when things come to such a screeching halt so suddenly. I’m actually writing this blog IN Canada.

Ready for the resolution?

I got an emergency rush on my passport. I co-ordinated ALL of my daily tasks with my girlfriend and my manger and got EVERYTHING done long distance. I pushed the video back to February 1st and rescheduled ALL casting, location and camera people. I'm now BACK in LOS ANGELES with a brand-spanking new passport and a plan to take this month by storm. NEW VIDEO WILL DROP THE FIRST WEEK OF THIS MONTH.

Speaking of the new video…I feel like this might be the most powerful piece that I’ve ever created. I’ve NEVER been scared to release a piece of music before - until NOW. That’s how I know its the right thing to do. Sometimes your truth is scary and edgy and unpopular…and fear is a powerful feeling - but it’s all that separates you from realizing your wildest dreams. So, I’m just going to go for it. There’s going to be people who judge it by what it appears to be on the surface. There’s going to be people who miss the point entirely. There’s going to be people who are offended. There’s going to be people who wrongfully pass judgement. There’s going to be people who twist my words to paint a false picture of myself, so they can use it to servs their own ignorant narrative which will be rooted in hatred and misunderstanding. Let them. 

This music shit is EVERYTHING to me. Yeah, I’m a rapper - but, to me - this is Rock & Roll. EVERYTHING is Rock & Roll to me. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Rock & Roll is about screaming the truth at the top of your lungs and not giving a SINGLE solitary fuck about what anyone thinks. The truth is a funny thing. Most of the time - if you want the truth to be heard - you have to be willing to die for it. I guess I’m one of the willing people.

ANYWAY - that’s what’s been going on with me for the past week and also what will be going on for the next few days to come. I’m BEYOND excited to be back in America. I’m BEYOND excited to be re-connecting with all of you. And I’m BEYOND excited to SHARE some NEW MUSIC and a NEW VIDEO with you during the first week of February.

As always - thank you for coming along for the ride. There isn’t another group of people I’d rather share the highway with. I’m not a religious guy by any means, but, I truly feel blessed to have y’all rolling with me.



Tom MacDonald